Concert for George (2002)

The day I’m writing this is the 29th of November of 2021, 20 years since the passing of George Harrison. I wanted to take the time and write something about George and this concert. When I think of concerts dedicated to someone I think of two concerts, the Concert for Freddie Mercury and this concert. … Continue reading Concert for George (2002)

The Beatles Get Back part 1 (2021)

Directed by Peter Jackson Starring The Beatles The day finally arrived and it sure was not disappointing. The story is well-known about how bad the sessions for Let it be were and the original film being so grim and depressive confirmed it. Now more than 50 years later, though never seen before footage we get … Continue reading The Beatles Get Back part 1 (2021)

Brainwashed: George Harrison (2003)

Produced by George Harrison, Dhani Harrison, and Jeff Lynne Released on a day like today (November 18) in 2002, I wanted to write about the album to remember George and his music. I just read that this album comes 15 years after his last solo album Cloud Nine. Of course, he worked on various projects … Continue reading Brainwashed: George Harrison (2003)

The Beatles Let it be 50th anniversary Super Deluxe Edition

New mixes Produced by Giles Martin, original album Phil Spector and sessions by Glyn Johns and George Martin I have been waiting a long time for Let it be to get a special edition and for the film to be released. In terms of the movie, we the fans are getting something way better with … Continue reading The Beatles Let it be 50th anniversary Super Deluxe Edition

The Beatles: Get Back (2021) – Book

By The Beatles This for me it’s Beatles week. The book Get Back was released on October 12 and tomorrow Friday, Oct 15 the Let it Be deluxe edition will be released. I got my book yesterday and I have not been able to put it down. The book serves as a transcript of recorded … Continue reading The Beatles: Get Back (2021) – Book

The Beatles love songs in their solo years.

It is no secret that I love talking about The Beatles. I was listening to a playlist I made of their solo years and thought about writing about the love songs they wrote when they went their separate ways. They wrote a lot of love songs as a band but I feel they were more … Continue reading The Beatles love songs in their solo years.

All things must pass (1970) 50th-anniversary edition (2021)

Produced George Harrison and Phil Spector, the new version by Paul Hicks and Dhani Harrison For a more comprehensive look at this album you can check a review I did for the album ( for more details of the history of the album. I wanted About the re-issue. All I can say is that I’ve … Continue reading All things must pass (1970) 50th-anniversary edition (2021)

George Harrison: Somewhere in England (1981)

Produced by George Harrison and Ray Cooper Reading the news feed on my Facebook page I read that today marks the 40th anniversary of this record. Released on June 1st, 1981, this would the follow-up to 1979’s self-titled album. This album is the first new record by Harrison following Lennon’s death and in some of … Continue reading George Harrison: Somewhere in England (1981)

The Beatles: 1994 – 1996

I can’t remember the exact year but I’m sure it was around 1992 or 1993 that I became a Beatles fan. It started after taking my father to a Beatles tribute band concert as a Father’s Day gift and as I heard the music it just spoke to me. After that, I started with the … Continue reading The Beatles: 1994 – 1996

George Harrison: Essential Albums

Continuing with posting about essential albums by the individual Beatles, next I might cover other artists, in this post I want to share what I consider to be George’s best albums. George had many beautiful albums and he always wrote about his beliefs and not necessarily looking for hits. I believe George to be a … Continue reading George Harrison: Essential Albums