The Beatles Let it be 50th anniversary Super Deluxe Edition

New mixes Produced by Giles Martin, original album Phil Spector and sessions by Glyn Johns and George Martin I have been waiting a long time for Let it be to get a special edition and for the film to be released. In terms of the movie, we the fans are getting something way better with…… Continue reading The Beatles Let it be 50th anniversary Super Deluxe Edition

The Beatles love songs in their solo years.

It is no secret that I love talking about The Beatles. I was listening to a playlist I made of their solo years and thought about writing about the love songs they wrote when they went their separate ways. They wrote a lot of love songs as a band but I feel they were more…… Continue reading The Beatles love songs in their solo years.

Paul McCartney and Wings: London Town (1978)

Produced by Paul McCartney I have to admit that I recently bought the LP version of this album and sat down to listen to it and I fell in love with the album when before I just thought it was ok. I’m not saying it’s a masterpiece but it does have its charm. After the…… Continue reading Paul McCartney and Wings: London Town (1978)

Paul McCartney and Wings Red Rose Speedway (1971)

Produced by Paul McCartney I have found myself listening to this album a few times these past days. I find myself rediscovering the album and liking it more than I did when I first heard it. It’s the second album by Paul and his new band Wings. I don’t like Wings Wildlife that much even…… Continue reading Paul McCartney and Wings Red Rose Speedway (1971)

Paul McCartney: New (2013)

Produced by Paul McCartney with various producers. There have been two other albums released after this one, but I believe none surpass this one. I got it on vinyl yesterday and I was reminded of how great the album is. I have fallen in love with this album as I got to listen to it…… Continue reading Paul McCartney: New (2013)

McCartney III (2020)

Produced by Paul McCartney In 1970 after The Beatles broke up, Paul recorded what was a real homemade album where he played all instruments. It was an album where Paul just played without the idea of making a proper album in a sense. Then in 1980 after Wings ended Paul released McCartney II, where Paul…… Continue reading McCartney III (2020)

The Beatles: 1994 – 1996

I can’t remember the exact year but I’m sure it was around 1992 or 1993 that I became a Beatles fan. It started after taking my father to a Beatles tribute band concert as a Father’s Day gift and as I heard the music it just spoke to me. After that, I started with the…… Continue reading The Beatles: 1994 – 1996

Paul McCartney: Essential Albums

I have been in the mood to hear Paul McCartney for a few days and today I started to listen to his music and thought that I could share what I think are his best albums. I remember when I first became a Beatles fan once I got all their albums I started to buy…… Continue reading Paul McCartney: Essential Albums

Flaming Pie: Paul McCartney (1997)

In 1997 The Beatles had an amazing year. During a two year period, they released a documentary of 8 episodes with a lot of great footage and three double albums of new songs and outtakes. During that period Paul was reminded of how The Beatles used to work and recorded this album. To this day…… Continue reading Flaming Pie: Paul McCartney (1997)

Paul McCartney (1962 to present day)

After writing about John Lennon, it was obvious that I should talk about his songwriting partner in The Beatles, Paul McCartney. Paul is the one most successful songwriters of all time, with a career that has lasted for decades. He did achieve the most successful solo career among the other Beatles, but he was focused…… Continue reading Paul McCartney (1962 to present day)