Paul McCartney: Essential Albums

I have been in the mood to hear Paul McCartney for a few days and today I started to listen to his music and thought that I could share what I think are his best albums. I remember when I first became a Beatles fan once I got all their albums I started to buy…… Continue reading Paul McCartney: Essential Albums

Flaming Pie: Paul McCartney (1997)

In 1997 The Beatles had an amazing year. During a two year period, they released a documentary of 8 episodes with a lot of great footage and three double albums of new songs and outtakes. During that period Paul was reminded of how The Beatles used to work and recorded this album. To this day…… Continue reading Flaming Pie: Paul McCartney (1997)

Paul McCartney (1962 to present day)

After writing about John Lennon, it was obvious that I should talk about his songwriting partner in The Beatles, Paul McCartney. Paul is the one most successful songwriters of all time, with a career that has lasted for decades. He did achieve the most successful solo career among the other Beatles, but he was focused…… Continue reading Paul McCartney (1962 to present day)

Red Rose Speedway (1973) Paul McCartney and Wings

I just the bought the vinyl edition of this album remastered with bonus tracks. I always enjoyed the album and I think is was his first album that was good. McCartney was his first solo album followed by Ram, both were good records because they had a few good songs. Then he formed Wings and…… Continue reading Red Rose Speedway (1973) Paul McCartney and Wings

My favorite 15 albums.

Top 15 Albums! Music has a beautiful power of bringing memories, taking you back to a certain time and places and sometimes it can even lift your spirits up. For as long as I can remember music has been an important part of my life. Whether I’m writing or listening, music is important to me.…… Continue reading My favorite 15 albums.

Band on the run (1973)

  Produced by Paul McCartney Once The Beatles broke up, it was Paul who really took time in finding success as a solo artist. Yes, he had number one songs and his first album sold well, but they were not considered great works compared to Lennon’s album Plastic Ono Band, George’s All things must Pass.…… Continue reading Band on the run (1973)