This is a new section where I will focus on a specific actor or musician and talk about their body of work. Hopefully, see films or hear albums that I have not heard or seen and share opinions on those works. I will focus on those films or albums I like and not a complete body of work.
I will begin by spotlighting who in my opinion is the best actor of this generation and from this era, Leonardo DiCaprio. Born on November 11, 1974, my first memory of him was on the show Growing Pains, he played Luke who was a homeless boy who is adopted by Mike Seaver, the oldest son of the Seaver family. his first film was Critters 3, a film that I know I saw but really don’t remember much about it. one of the first films I remember seeing and thinking he gave a good performance was in the movie This Boy’s life with Robert De Niro, a film I will talk about during the month that he will be on the spotlight.
His most iconic movie might be Titanic and that was a huge success and one of my favorite movies, but that was just the beginning. What I admired is that he decided to take roles no one expected, he could have gone the romantically themed movies and they would have been box office hits. Instead starred in The Man in the Iron Mask, the psychological thriller The Beach, and Catch me if you can with Tom Hanks. Of course, the best decision he could have made is team up with Martin Scorsese, they have made a lot of great movie starring with Gangs of New York.
His latest film will be released on July 2019 and he stars alongside Brad Pitt in Quentin Tarantino’s Once upon a time in Hollywood.

In the following weeks, I will focus on my favorite films that he has made.