1994 – 1996

I can’t remember the exact year but I’m sure it was around 1992 or 1993 that I became a Beatles fan. It started after taking my father to a Beatles tribute band concert as a Father’s Day gift and as I heard the music it just spoke to me. After that, I started with the…… Continue reading 1994 – 1996


There has been a rumor this week and today many news outlets have confirmed it, that Michael Keaton is back as Batman for multi-universe Flash movie, I don’t know much of the details other than Keaton once again playing the caped crusader. As someone who is 1988 saw the Batman movie and loved Keaton as…… Continue reading Batman

Joan Manuel Serrat albums ranked. (Spanish and English versions)

Hoy desperté con el deseo de perderme en la poesía de Joan Manuel Serrat, considerado por mí el Bob Dylan para América Latina. Con eso en mente, decidí asumir la tarea de clasificar sus álbumes desde el que menos me gusta a mi favorito, no es una tarea fácil pero me la disfruté. La realidad…… Continue reading Joan Manuel Serrat albums ranked. (Spanish and English versions)