1994 – 1996

I can’t remember the exact year but I’m sure it was around 1992 or 1993 that I became a Beatles fan. It started after taking my father to a Beatles tribute band concert as a Father’s Day gift and as I heard the music it just spoke to me. After that, I started with the…… Continue reading 1994 – 1996

Ricardo Arjona Blanco (2020)

Cuando pienso en Arjona pienso en LeBron James, claro son dos personas en campos bien diferentes, pero ocasionan pasiones parecidas. Muchos los quieren y otros los odian, pocos caen en el medio. Yo soy fan de Arjona, puedo decir que tuvo una temporada donde no me encantaban sus discos, pero debo admitir que Circo Soledad…… Continue reading Ricardo Arjona Blanco (2020)

Stryper: To hell with the Devil (1986)

Produced by Stephan Galfas, Michael Sweet, Robert Sweet, and Ox Fox I really admire this band, they sing great metal songs with meaningful lyrics and they are great musicians. I can only imagine how hard it was and is to remain true to themselves in this industry, but in their way, they have lasted many…… Continue reading Stryper: To hell with the Devil (1986)