Bob Dylan’s Time out of mind (2022)

Produced by Daniel Lanois With the announcement this week that the next Bootleg series will focus on the session for this album, I decided to revisit the original album before the January 27 2023 release. The original album was released on September 30, 1997, to great success both commercially and critically. Looking back a little … Continue reading Bob Dylan’s Time out of mind (2022)

McCartney II (1980)

Produced by Paul McCartney There is something is to be said about the McCartney albums. McCartney was Paul’s first solo album released in 1970 and 10 years later ironically when Wings was ending he once again recorded a sparse album at home. The main feeling behind these solo projects is that Paul is just having … Continue reading McCartney II (1980)

Bob Dylan’s “Blonde on Blonde” (1966)

Produced by Bob Johnstone This week was Bob Dylan’s birthday (May 25th) so I decided to take a look at one of his most iconic albums. Dylan made a trilogy of albums that are albums that are considered among the best in music, from Bringing it back home to Blonde on Blonde, Dylan displayed a … Continue reading Bob Dylan’s “Blonde on Blonde” (1966)

Gracias, Joan Manuel Serrat

Este proximo domingo, mayo 1 de 2022, Joan Manuel viene a Puerto Rico a despedirse de los escenarios. El cantautor de 78 años, y una Carrera de mas de 50 años, esta en medio de una gira llamada el Vicio de Cantar, donde según Serrat, se despide de hacer conciertos. Será una gira con un … Continue reading Gracias, Joan Manuel Serrat