The Wonder (2022)

Directed by Sebastián Leilo

Starring Florence Pugh, Tom Burke, Niamh Algar,

This is a new phycological drama released on Netflix based on a novel by Donoghue. I was attracted to the film mainly because of Florence Pugh I have seen a few of her films other than Black Widow, and I like her work.

The story is set in 1862 when there is a girl who has not eaten in four months and was well. A committee of local dignitaries sends a nun and a nurse to watch the girl closely and report the findings.

For me, this is a film in that you have to be patient and keep going until the end. Because the pace at the beginning is slow and not that interesting. But then the film gets better as the revelations start and then the film becomes more thrilling and suspenseful. The ending left me wondering what I just saw and the story’s revelations are shocking as once again religion is used as a villain in a way. The sad part is that it is believable because in real life some people have done crazy things for religion.

Florence Pugh gives a great performance. Kila Lord Cassidy is a true revelation as Anna, the girl. Those two performances are the ones that stand out in the movie for me.

It is a good movie but like I said you need to hang on to the first part of the film until the intriguing parts start and then it does become a more interesting film.

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