Bob Dylan’s Time out of mind (2022)

Produced by Daniel Lanois

With the announcement this week that the next Bootleg series will focus on the session for this album, I decided to revisit the original album before the January 27 2023 release. The original album was released on September 30, 1997, to great success both commercially and critically.

Looking back a little on the time the album was released it is safe to say that Dylan was going through a bad period in terms of albums. The two albums before Time out of mind were albums of covers that might have been received with mixed reviews, and the decade before he made albums that were good but not as a whole, great artists can always have a few good songs on each record. but Time out of mind felt like a comeback for Dylan and from that point on he released great album after great album up to his latest album Rough and Rowdy Ways.

The album for me is one of his best in terms of lyrics especially when the last album he made with original songs was Under the red sky, not a bad album but the lyrics are not among his best. The music and the band that accompanies Dylan sound just perfect for the mood and the theme of the songs. The album kicks off with a bang with the great song Lovesick. Standing in the doorway is to me one of the best love songs ever, the sad sentiment of love ended that left the writer standing in the doorway with mixed feelings about his love. Trying to get to heaven is another highlight for me, it feels like a fun song with a serious theme of a man who realizes his time is limited and has to correct his ways to get to heaven. His lyrics for this song are so smart and deep without being just that. Now my favorite track of this album is the song Not dark yet, the lyrics are sad as it describes a man that knows his time is coming, just like Trying to get to heaven, but this time has no strength or faith and is just waiting for it to get dark. Both the song and the performance are just perfect as Dylan’s voice is just perfect for the sentiment of the song. The last song I will highlight is To make you feel my love, a beautiful love song.

The whole is great and still among Dylan’s best albums in a discography that is hard to choose or say which album is best than the other. A masterpiece from an artist who has given many masterpieces in a career that has lasted more than 50 years.

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