Where the crawdads sing (2022)

Directed by Olivia Newman

Starring Daisy Edgar-Jones, Taylor John Smith, David Strathairn

This is one of those films I had plans to see but was letting it for later. Tonight seemed like a good night to see it.

The story is about Catherine as she stands accused of killing a man. We then see through a series of flashbacks the story of how she came to live alone in the marsh and more things about her life.

I have to say that I set out to start the movie and I ended up seeing it to the end. I have to say I liked the story, I was intrigued by this character and her story. It was predictable in some aspects but still, I found the movie interesting and just kept watching until it ended. At least I was wrong in the guilty character I chose. The court scenes could have been more intense but this was not a film about the trial, it was more about Catherine and her story.

Daisy Edgar-Jones gives a wonderful performance as Catherine. David Strathairn also shines as her lawyer and as one of the few people that treated her well.

I thought it was a good film, not perfect, but it had more good things about it that made it a good movie.

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