Weird: The Al Yankovic Story (2022)

Directed by Eric Appel

Starring Daniel Radcliffe, Evan Rachel Wood, Rainn Wilson, Julian Nicholson

Weird Al has been doing what he does for many years and staying relevant and still impacting the music business with his parodies. I am a huge fan of his parodies and his original songs are also funny. I wanted to see this movie but had no idea what to expect.

The film tells the story of Al Yankovic. A kid who dreams of becoming big changing the words of famous songs. He has to go against his parents who don’t believe in him and the music industry.

You know this is one is a hard film to describe. It could have only come from the mind of Weird Al. This is not a biopic, this is a parody of a biopic in all honesty. He has taken elements from his life into the film but it is obvious that this is not a faithful recount of his life. That is what made the movie so original and fun. It is a crazy movie where you will just have to laugh. When even Pablo Escobar is involved in the story, you know you are into a crazy ride.

Besides the craziness of the story, the other best thing in the movie is Daniel Radcliffe’s performance. He gets into the role, and he can bring Weird Al to life even if it’s a fake version.

I don’t think the movie is for everyone, but anyone who follows Weird Al will enjoy it because they know that this is just what he would do.

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