Enola Holmes 2 (2022)

Directed by Harry Bradbeer

Starring Millie Bobbie Brown, Henry Cavil, Helena Bonham Carter

The first Enola Holme film was a nice surprise, I enjoyed the movie. Now, Netflix has released the sequel in what it seems will be more than that for Enola Holmes.

The story continues the adventures of Enola Holmes as she opens up a detective agency but she is forced to close it down when a client finally arrives. The case this time is to find the missing sister of Bessie, the young girl who asks Enola for her help. They start their search at a factory where Sarah, the missing sister, worked. and from then on, they find themselves in a deeper game than they thought.

I have to say that, like the first film, the film has a great story and even though it lasts two hours, because it is fun and interesting it goes by without much noticing it. I think as a sequel it kept what worked in the first film and added more things to it like maybe more action and more screen time for Sherlock. It has all the typical things expected in these kinds of a movies but I thought it was a fun film to see.

Millie Bobbie Brown seems to be like the one who will break out of Stranger Things and do other projects. She manages to give an entertaining performance like Enola Holmes. Henry Cavil also gives a great performance as the great detective Sherlock Holmes. Helena Bonham Carter shines every time she is on the screen.

I had a lot of fun seeing the movie and my daughter did too, so it’s a good option for a family movie night.

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