Causeway (2022)

Directed by Lila Neugebauer

Starring Jennifer Lawrence and Bryan Tyree Henry

As a fan of Jennifer Lawrence, this is a film I wanted to see once I saw the trailer. I went into the film without knowing much about the story and I like it that way sometimes.

The story is about Lynsey as she is in rehab after her vehicle was blown up in Afghanistan. After rehab, she returns home and gets a job cleaning pools and hopes to get cleared by her doctor to go back to the military. Meanwhile, she meets and forms a friendship with James who was fixing her truck.

I loved the story and the film. I admit it is a slow film because it is a film where it’s all dialogue and the journey of the characters. But I felt it was good and interesting. I cared about Lynsey and James enough to see how it would all unfold at the end.

For films like these, the performances have to be great because there is no action or anything other than what we get from the characters. Jennifer Lawrence delivers a beautiful performance in my opinion. We can see and feel what the character goes through. Bryan gave a good laid back performance that complemented Lawrence’s performance. Both were good in the movie.

This is not a film I think is for everyone but if you like drama character-driven movies, this one has a good story and good performances.

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