Barbarian (2022)

Directed by Zach Cregger

Starring Georgina Campbell, Bill Skarsgård, and Justin Long

I am not a big horror film fan, I can see them, but it is not my favorite genre. But a good scare now and then is fun. This film I was just curious about it because I heard it was a scary movie.

The film starts with Tess Marshall arriving at the house she rented and discovering that they double booked it and she ended up sharing the house with Keith. Later on, Aj who is an actor facing allegations of raping a co-star stays at the same house. All three discover a horrible secret in the house.

I have to confess that I found the movie a bit disturbing and the scary scenes worked to perfection in terms of being horrible and scary. I admit I had to forward a few things because of how gross it was at least for my taste. But the film qq sd overall I found boring. It takes too long sfor the scary parts and it feels like two stories that then connect and those stories for me were saanot that interesting. In terms of being scary, yes the scenes in the basement are cleverly shot and scary.

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