Stryper: The Final Battle

Produced by Stryper

I was a big fan of the classic album To Hell with the Devil, but I stopped there until in recent years I started to go deep into their catalog and also into the new material they were releasing. I love heavy metal and I’m so glad that Stryper is as heavy as they come and have lyrics that I don’t have to hide from my daughter as I have to with other metal bands. And they never get recognition for being from the 80s and still releasing material that is just as good or even better than the ones released before. I just saw them live in Puerto Rico a few months ago and they still sound amazing.

Since they released Fallen in 2015, each album released is better than the last, and this one follows the amazing album Even the devil believes, a hard act to follow in my opinion. But they did it, they have released an album that is equal to or better than the one before. I loved the new album. it has heavy riffs and great vocal melodies and yes screams! The band sounds so great together, they are in perfect sync with each other and the music benefits from that. Michael’s lyrics encourage us that follow Jesus but still feel universal anyone that does not believe can still enjoy the music. They stick to what they believe and they make no apologies for their faith and that is present in their music, but it is written and done in such a way any listener can enjoy the music and be touched by it, at least in my opinion.

My favorite tracks from the album are transgressor, Same old Story, Heart, and Soul, Near, Rise to the call, and ‘Till death do us part. But there are no weak tracks on the album. Another thing I love about their recent albums is the covers, and this one is no exception, love the cover.

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