Standing up, falling down (2019)

Directed by Matt Ratner

Starring Billy Crystal, Ben Schwartz

I was looking for something to see, I was in the mood for a film but there were no easy choices like new films around. So, searching the different streaming services I found this film with Crystal, and since I enjoy most of his work I decided to see it.

The story is mainly about an unlikely friendship between two men who meet accidentally in a bar. Scott is returning to his parent’s house after failing as a comedian in Los Angeles. Marty is a dermatologist that drinks a little too much. They meet in the bathroom, Marty drunk notices a rash on Scott’s arm and recommends a doctor, who happened to be him and from there they begin a friendship.

I love it when a film comes out of nowhere and ends up being good. I have to say I loved the story and the characters and how the story goes, it felt like things got resolved in a real manner and the story was funny and yet had a lot of heart. The film is easy to see because it is not long and moves at a good pace. It is a character-driven story, and because of that, it will depend on how you feel about the characters.

Billy Crystal gives a charming performance, both funny and moving as he plays this character trying to make amends with his past. Ben also gives a good performance as a struggling comedian. Overall, the movie has a good cast.

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