Rosaline (2022)

Directed by Karen Maine

Starring Kaitlyn Dever, Isabela Merced, Sean Teale,

I was interested in this movie once I saw the trailer. I thought it had a good concept and it stars Kaitlyn Dever who is a young actress but has done great work in both films and series.

The story is based on Romeo and Juliet. We get the known story of the war between the Capulets and the Montagues and the love between Romeo and Juliet, but within that, we meet Rosaline, Romeo’s ex who wants him back.

There have been many films about this story, some have done straight, and others try to do it more modern maybe like the one with DiCaprio and Danes. This one I like this one because it added something interesting to the known plot. I think it was done right. I am not a huge fan of Romeo and Juliet and their love story and loved that this movie in some ways makes fun of them. Also, the concept of Rosaline being his ex and her story was so good and funny.

I enjoyed the movie a lot, the characters are funny, especially Rosaline. The concept of one sabotaging the relationship of someone else is not new, what works for the film is the setting of the classic story and how this changes the view of what happened to Romeo and Juliet.

Kaitlyn Dever, of the young generation of actors one of the best and I loved her here. She is funny when needed and serious when needed. She has a good cast, I have to praise Kyle Allen for his funny portrayal of Romeo.

As far as comedy-romantic movies go, I have to say that I enjoyed the movie a lot. Dever is one of the main reasons as she carried the film with her performance.

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