Halloween ends (2022)

Directed by David Gordon Green

Halloween the original film from 1978 is one of my favorite horror films. Is one film I still see and get chills seeing it. Like Jason and Freddy, Myers became a cultural icon and sequels have rained since 1978, with only the second one being good. When they began a storyline that brought back Laurie (Curtis) I thought it was a good idea the movies were fine but never like the original two films.

You know what, I’m going straight to my opinion because revealing a storyline would give away the movie just like the first half hour of the film did to me. I hated this one honestly. It is predictable and the story for me drifted far away from what Myers is and the series has been. I don’t mind going to something different but in this film, it did not work, at least not for me. I wanted this movie to end so badly because it was boring and not interesting. I knew where they were going once I saw the opening sequence. The movie just takes too long to start and the Corey character is so cliché and I did not like it at all. The best part was the inevitable showdown and what they did, in the end, felt right. But to sit the whole film was torture.

I doubt that this will be the last one although I hope it is. There should not be any more of these films, the first two films are classics the rest are just to make money because they always do because we are curious to see what they do. But, I have to honestly say that this movie is bad at least in my opinion. Jaime Lee Curtis tried her best, but the script was weak and the story was bad.

I am only thankful that I saw the Peacock streaming service because it was not worth paying for a movie theater ticket.

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