Luckiest girl alive (2022)

Directed by Mike Barker

Starring Mila Kunis,

When I saw Mila Kunis in the movie Four Good Days where she plays an addict trying to go straight, I became a fan of her work. Here is a new mystery – drama movie and I wanted to see it.

This is one of those films where the less you know the better so I’ll be brief in the synopsis. It is a story about a woman who seems to have it all and suddenly is forced to face her past.

I have to say the movie works on many levels. I’m sure those who read the book will have things to say that were missing, but for me, that did not read the book, the movie was just great. I love that we start to see this strong character and as the movie goes on she keeps getting more vulnerable and broken and we slowly get to see why, because it is not revealed at once. I found it interesting and I was intrigued to discover her past once discovered it was heartbreaking.

Mila Kunis gives a great performance. This is a complex character that has many layers and she nailed it in my opinion. Chiara Aurelia who plays the character at a younger age also gave a brilliant and moving performance.

I do advise that it has strong themes and if you are sensible check before seeing the film. I don’t want to be specific to avoid spoilers but looks for news on the film and you’ll see why.

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