Mr. Harrigan’s phone (2022)

Directed by John Lee Hancock

Starring Jaeden Martell, Donald Sutherland

Based on a novel by horror master Stephen King comes this new thriller. I am a fan of film adaptations made to his novels so I gave this one a chance.

The story is about Graig, after the death of his mother he began a relationship with Mr. Harrigan where he would go to his house three days a week to read. When Mr. Harrigan dies, Craig puts his phone in his pocket to be buried with it. He then starts to receive answers from his phone.

I always admire one thing about Stephen King and it’s that he writes great scary stories but he also writes great characters that add an emotional aspect to the film, they can scare you, but you are also touched by the characters. For me one example is It, Pennywise is scary, but the Losers Club is equally as important and interesting as the clown. Well, at least that is what I feel about the films I’ve seen based on King’s novels.

This film has just that, two great characters Craig and Mr. Harrigan, and some tense moments. Not as scary as maybe they could’ve made the film, but for me, it was fine just as it is. I read the movie has received mixed reviews, for me, I would say it was a good film. I enjoyed the story and at some moments felt the suspense of what was happening. It’s not a perfect film but I found it enjoyable.

Martell and Sutherland were both great in the film. Their performances are one thing that is getting good reviews and I would agree.

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