The Redeem Team (2022)

Directed by Jon Weinbach

Today sports is all about debating and shows where they argue who is better than who and to me that has hurt sports. It kind of leads to not enjoying it because you are just defending your favorite, or maybe that is just me. I had to forget all the debate about which team was better, the 92’ Dream Team or this team. Once I took myself away from the debate I enjoyed their story and the film. I have my opinion of which team is better but I’ll keep it to myself….

The documentary was interesting. It takes a look at the moments where they lost and how the team came back and won gold in the 2008 Olympics. I liked reliving those games and more so because I was not able to see them live. The documentary gets emotional because of Kobe, so hard to see him and like always with his daughters around.

But if you are a fan of Basketball I’m sure you will enjoy the film.

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