To the bone (2017)

Directed by Marti Noxon

Starring Lilly Collins, Keanu Reeves

Looking around on Netflix to see what movies they had I stumbled upon this movie. I read what it was about and I knew it was going to be a hard film to see, but I wanted to. As I read that the film dealt with anorexia, I immediately thought of Karen Carpenter, one of my favorite singers who passed too young after battling the eating disorder. The film is based on the director’s experience while battling the disease.

The movie is about Ellen, the movie starts as she leaves a house where she is being treated for anorexia. After returning home, her stepmother in one last hope takes her to see this doctor who is a specialist. She is then taken to a house to get treatment along with 6 other patients.

The film is an important movie because things like this need to be seen and discussed to prevent it. I read that the film received a lot of criticism because it supposedly glamorized anorexia. I did not see that, I just had an honest look at how difficult it is for the people who are going through it. I guess that it’s up to the viewer and how he reacts to the movie. I have to say I loved the story and the characters, mainly because they felt real to me. From how her family was reacting to Ellen to the patients and their interactions in the house.

The movie is carried by Lilly Collins, she delivered a great performance. I don’t know if she lost weight for the role, but she was able to look at the part both physically and with her performance. Keanu Reeves offers a great supporting performance as the doctor. The cast is mostly unknown but they all gave good performances that worked for the film.

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