The Greatest beer run ever (2022)

Directed by Peter Farrelly

Starring Zac Efron, Russell Crowe, Bill Murray

I love it when I see a movie without knowing or even wanting to see the movie. I saw this one on Apple TV and decided to see it. it always amazes me how many different stories can be told about the same event and how even in 2022 we are still getting stories about the Vietnam war or related to it. This film as crazy as it sounds is based on true events.

The story begins with Chickie and some friends drinking and defending the war and thinking of the friends they have over there. When they go outside they see a group of protestors and they argue that they are hurting the soldiers with their signs. Chickie decided he wanted to do something that showed the soldiers that they had support and he decides to take American beer and go and find his friends and bring them beer.

I still find it so hard to believe this person went to Vietnam in a war to give beer to his friends fighting over there. It sounds silly but I imagined what it meant to them even when they just wanted him to leave, for his safety. I found the movie to be very good, war films sometimes can get tiring, but this one had a good mix of drama and some feel-good moments. The journey this character takes where he goes from blindly supporting the war to seeing the horrors and what went on felt unique and like something never told because he was not a soldier, we see Vietnam through a different perspective than the one from a soldier or even press. I liked that while the film deals with the politics of the war, that was a side story, it was about the characters feeling about the war and how they change through their experience there.

I found that the film was well-written, and it has an interesting story. The cast was very good. Zac Efron did a great job with the character and is supported perfectly by the veterans Russell Crowe and Bill Murray.

I thought it was an entertaining movie with heart. What this guy did was stupid but an incredible gesture.

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