Blonde (2022)

Directed by Andrew Dominik

Starring Ana de Armas, Adrian Brody,

This was a film I was looking forward to. it had a lot of good words in terms of Ana’s performance as Marylin that I wanted to see. In terms of the film, I had no idea what to expect and then it arrives as an almost three-hour film and said it was a fictionalized account of her life.

There is no need to say what the film is about because it is just a plain and simple telling of Marylin’s life, a fictional account of the events in her life. I think the people and events were true but what is shown in the movie is not exactly how it went.

I think I would have proffered a more factual account of her life. The fictional aspect of the story for me took away the emotional response to the story because is hard to know what is true and what is fiction, especially if you little about Monroe. I understand what the film intended with the style of the film and the story, but I think the film does not do any service to Marylin and just exploits her tragedies and her as just a sex symbol. One good thing that the film shows is how managers and other executives of the business used people like Marylin just for the money forgetting she was a person. I wonder if what I saw in the film was that they drugged her to keep her working when she did not feel like it happened as it reminded me of Elvis and how that led to his passing, Monroe could have suffered the same fate.

I found the film went too far in some things but that was the vision they had for the film. I enjoyed a few things, but overall I think the film is too depressing. And I know that she had a tough life, still, she must have good things too that were not part of the movie. No character comes out looking good in this film, not even Joe DiMaggio, although I read he was abusive and controlling like the movie showed.

Now it has to be said, Ana de Armas is amazing in the movie. She deserves all the praise she is getting. The film has a good cast, but it is Ana that is captivating.

This film went against a traditional bio-pic, but I would have preferred a film based more on facts rather than a fictional account. But it is still a film to see.

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