Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story

Created by Ryan Murphy and Ian Brennan

Starring Evan Peters, Richard Jenkins, Molly Ringwald,

I have to say that I knew of Dahmer and his crimes but I had no idea how disturbing and horrible his crimes were. After beginning the show, I had to read about it to see where the show might have exaggerated and what things were true. one thing I can say upfront is that some details were changed but the horrible things this man did are told as happened, sadly.

This has been one of the hardest series I have seen. I’ve seen movies, documentaries, and series dealing with true crimes, but this one has been the hardest to see. I have to say that I like that they give backstories to most of the victims, so we can remember them as more than just victims or another number on the Dahmer list. It is a shocking story and even more so I saw a scene where he had fans and received letters.

This kind of series is hard to review because of the horrific things that happened. But I have to say the show was written in a way that showed respect to the victims, I did not feel they elevated Dahmer in any way, they just told the story from two perspectives that equally hurt after what he did. The families of the victims and Dahmer’s father and family.

Evan Peters is one of the main reasons this series has been hard to see. He has done such a superb job that he transmits through the screen the ugliness of this man and he looks so similar it just gives you chills and scary. He has nailed the physical aspects of Dahmer. Richard Jenkins also gives a great performance as Dahmer’s father. The episode that focuses on his father as he deals with everything is so heartbreaking and a lot of that is because of his performance.

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