Sidney (2022)

Directed Reginald Hudlin

Sidney Poitier is an actor that is respected and recognized not just because of his talents as an actor, but because of the grounds, he broke in films and the impact he had on the culture and civil rights issues. I have to confess that I have seen only one film where he was in and that was the fun film Sneakers with an ensemble cast that included Robert Redford and River Phoenix. But still, I wanted to see this documentary and learn from this actor that is highly honored by the acting community.

The documentary is sort of narrated by Sidney and others through interviews. I believe they were done before he passed in 2022. The documentary takes a look at his life from his childhood to his rise in Hollywood. It is told by Sidney, his family, and people like Denzel Washington, Morgan Freeman and Oprah Winfrey.

I have to admit it was very revealing and interesting to learn about Sidney and truly get a grasp on his impact. He broke barriers like Jackie Robinson did in baseball for the black community and inspired great actors of today like one of the best, Denzel. The stories outside his work in Hollywood were interesting and revealing because I knew nothing about his involvement in the civil right movement with Martin Luther King.

It is a very well-done documentary that honors the life of Sidney and forever will be a testament to what he contributed to the film industry and society.

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