Meet Cute (2022)

Directed by Alex Lehmann

Starring Pete Davidson and Kaley Cuoco

I was curious about this film, I did not read what was it about and I had an idea in my mind, that it was going to be like the Before Sunrise movie where the movie follows the characters on the day they meet and only that day. I got a surprise when I saw the movie and how they went about telling this love story. The term meets cute, as I learned in the movie The Holiday, is used in films to describe a funny way two people meet. In this film, she recreates the meet cute over and over.

Sheila is depressed and decided to kill herself. But first, she goes to this nail salon to get her nails done where she meets June. June then shows her a time machine and Sheila travels one day into the past and she meets Gary, she then repeats that same day over and over, trying to make it perfect so that she can be happy when she repeats the day.

Although it can’t be compared to the level of quality, this film had an Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless mind vibe. The playing with the memories, and in this film is the playing of time. I know the repeating of a day is not new, the story felt a bit original, with the traveling in time aspect and the reasons behind the character doing that. I felt the Sheila character was complex and well-written, at first charming and then we discover a flawed and deeply hurt character.

I have mixed feelings about the movie. I like the story and the characters, I don’t know if it was intended as a romantic comedy, if so, I did not find it funny. If it was more of a drama movie about the romance of the two characters then that works better for me because it felt more like a science fiction romantic drama. The movie is good and has a story that I found interesting and enjoyed seeing until the end.

In terms of the performances, I think Kaley Cuoco shined in her performance. She was vulnerable and I believe nailed the character. Pete Davidson felt like the same performance he has done in other films, at least for me. He was not bad, but not at par with Cuoco’s performance in my opinion at least.

This is a nice film to see on date night maybe, it is not a long film and it’s on Peacock streaming service.

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