Sins of our Mother (2022

Directed by Skye Borgman

The documentary takes a look at Lori and her family. she was married to Charles and had three kids. They all went to the Church of Latter-Day Saints and she started to believe in strange things that included rating people as dark or light people in terms of spirituality and those dark people were zombies that needed to kill the body so they were free. This and other beliefs lead to a lot of sad events.

Some documentaries just break your heart. I go into seeing them not knowing what they are about and then get hit with an awful thing. I started to see this one just to see what it was and I finished it in one night because I just had to see the outcome. Sadly, that part is still in process because the trial is set for 2023.

This is the third disturbing religion-based documentary I have seen in recent months. To see the things these people did is just disturbing and unbelievable. The documentary is three episodes but it is very detailed and it goes through the history of Lori and how she changes as she starts believing in Chad and his zombie theory.

As a documentary, this one is captivating and done with respect, nothing graphic is shown, as many things were recorded. A lot of actual audio brings evidence to the story of what happened.

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