Morbius (2022)

Directed by Daniel Espinoza

Starring Jarred Leto, Adria Arjona, Matt Smith,

I finally got to see the movie that many people hated. I think a lot of fans wanted it to be good but for a lot of fans, it just wasn’t good. I like the character and remember a storyline in the animated series about Morbius that was good, my problem with what Sony is doing is taking Spider-Man out, like for example to me Venom without Spider-Man just does not exist. But I had more chances for a stand-alone film to work.

The story follows Doctor Michael Morbius as he tries to find a cure for a disease he has in his blood, to cure himself and a friend. He makes an experiment with bats that seem to work but it turned him into a vampire. When his friend also drank it, Michael has to stop his friend.

The movie was just as expected based on what I heard. It was not that good, I expected worse, but in the end is a bad movie. It had a lot of flaws don’t get me wrong and I’m glad I did not spend money on the movie. The special effects were awful and that affects the film. The story was ok, nothing out of the ordinary. It tried to be a bit horror but it did not work, again the effects did not help. I think it comes down to a bad script. I did not like the villain and the detectives did nothing so they felt unnecessary.

Jarred Leto did a good job as Morbius, the movie was just not good. I hope he continues playing the character if he returns to another film. I did not like the Milo character as a villain, badly written and the performance was not good either.

In the end this is a heavily flawed film that could have been better. Kraven the Hunter is next and I’m afraid is just going to be another disaster.

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