The Resort (2022)

Created by Andi Siara

Starring Cristin Milioti, William Jackson Harper, Luis Gerardo Mèndez

Ever since Cristin appeared in How I met your mother, I became a fan. I have seen some of the series after and I’ve enjoyed them and some films too. So, when I found this one I quickly began to see it.

The story is about a married couple who go on vacation to the Mayan Riviera. Emma is feeling sad and feels like the marriage is over. One day Emma finds a cellular phone and she decides to find the truth behind the mysterious phone.

The show consists of 8 episodes and I have to say that I enjoyed it. I liked how the show used the mystery-investigation genre as a vehicle to tell the story of a couple trying to find passion again in their relationship.

I felt the show had a deep story while having comedy and adventure moments. I thought the show was fun. Cristin and William are excellent together and both give good performances.

Overall, I believe is a show that enjoyable and fun.

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