Honk for Jesus. Save your soul (2022)

Directed by Adamma Ebo

Starring Regina Hall and Sterling K. Brown

I have seen a lot of films where they make fun of or simply with means of satire question the validity of these televangelists that seem to make a lot of money. Films like Leap of Faith with Steve Martin for example and recently the movie Through the Eyes of Tammy Faye. This right from the look of the poster seems like a film where they try to expose or look at these pastors.

The film takes a look at Pastor Childs and his wife Trinitie. They have a megachurch and make a lot of money until Childs is accused of abusing seven young men. Years later, he hires a film crew to capture his comeback as he plans to reopen the church. The film takes a close look at these two characters and exposes them as they are.

I understand what they tried to do but for me, the film was not that good. As a satire even if the main point is to criticize something, it is done through laughter, and in that, the movie failed. I did not find anything in the film funny, instead, I felt the two characters were sincere even if wrong and is more drama than a comedy about what happens around them. Then there is the problem that they don’t go deep into the effect these organizations have.

The performances were the only thing that worked. But when you have good actors that are expected. Both Sterling and Regina do their best and Regina had moments where her performance was moving. I believe Regina shines in the movie, but the movie itself does not work.

The movie just failed in its main intention of being funny, the only thing I enjoyed was the performances of Brown and Hall but that is not enough to make the film good.

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