Me time (2022)

Directed by John Hamburg

Starring Kevin Hart, Mark Wahlberg, Regina Hall

I saw the trailer and I was interested but at the same time hesitant to see it because Kevin Hart has fallen into the trap of too many movies with basically the same character. But I took the chance to see it.

The story focuses on Sonny a stay at home dad. When his wife decodes to give him a week of me time, Sonny decides to go to his old friend Huck’s birthday party and finds himself doing some crazy things while discovering himself.

I do hace things to say about the movie. I thought they had a good chance to make a great film. I liked the premise and the story of the two friends and his family. I think they could have made a different film but went for the easy laughs by doing things that at the end some may laugh others, like me, not that much. This story called for comedy like City Slickers because they tried to have serious themes inside raunchy and forced jokes. At least for me, I felt like the movie could have been better. It’s not completely bad, it has funny moments and it has three good actors at the lead, but both Mark and Kevin felt like they were doing similar characters.

This is the type of films that tries too hard to be funny with gags and vulgar jokes instead of smart comedy, but again that is just me. The performances were just exaggeration of characters done a million times.

So it is not a bad movie but for me it could have been better.

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