Whatever happened to baby Jane? (1962)

Directed by Robert Aldrich

Starring Bette Davis and Joan Crawford

I came to see this film because of the Feud mini-series that looked at the making of that film and the relationship between the two stars. The movie looked spooky and interesting.

The story starts as Baby Jane Hudson performs with her father as her sister watches from the sidelines. Jane is a spoiled girl who treats everyone badly. Later it is Blanch who becomes famous and after an accident left her crippled, she is under the care of Jane.

I have to say that I love classic movies and how they feel, I can’t quite explain it but they feel so different from movies now, from the look to even the acting. I was intrigued by the movie right from the start. I thought it had a good story, and it is done in a way that creates suspense it is not until the end that the truth comes and out and the real tragedy is unfolded. What I believe in technology, sometimes movies benefit from the lack of it because it is pure creativity to produce frights. This is a suspense that almost falls into horror and this is achieved by the directing and Davis by simply painting her face white, she just looks so menacing that it is chilling to see her as she badly treats her sister.

Bette Davis as Jane Hudson

Bette Davis had the role that had the most chance to stand out and she took full advantage. Her performance was so good and I had never seen her in any film before this one. Now, her rival, Joan Crawford also gave an outstanding performance. Both actresses make this film a must-see for cinema lovers, if only for the historical significance and these two talents.

I liked the movie a lot I must say. It has to be seen with the eyes of that era and through those, you can appreciate the movie.

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