Day shift (2022)

Starring Jaime Foxx, Dave Franco, Natasha Liu Bordizzo,

This has been a bad week in terms of finding new films to see. I admit that I was not impressed by the trailer or had it on my list of films to see, but sometimes those movies you don’t want to see surprise you so let’s see.

The story follows Bud Jablonsky. He is separated from his wife and has a daughter. He has to come up with some money to keep his daughter in Los Ángeles. He works as a Vampire Hunter and needs to get back to the union to earn more money.

Ok, so I said the movies you don’t want to see surprise you, well this one did not. I am usually not hard on these movies but this one just had nothing that I could say I liked. The story was not interesting and was full of cliches, the characters were not exciting or likable. I did not like the Dave Franco character, he was the comic relief and I did not find him funny. The villain was not convincing and the vampires did not look good.

At least for me, the movie is just not worth watching. There are films that at least entertain even if they are bad, this one did neither for me.

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