The Princess (2022)

Directed by Ed Perkins

I have never been interested or fascinated with the Royalty family of England like a lot of people who watched the wedding and are always looking at what they do. Not saying that there is anything wrong with that, just saying it was not me. But what happened to Princess Diana is something that still feels so sad because it should not have happened, it could have been avoided.

The documentary is smart in the sense that it starts right where she and Charles are together, this is not about her childhood, it is clear that it looks at her life from that moment. It was very interesting and very in-depth footage. It also did not feel one-sided because you can hear from those who loved her to those that did not have nice things to say.

The documentary shows the paparazzi and how they stalked her. I think she was so out there that there were enough chances to take her picture without following her everywhere and invading her private life. They do not go into detail about the accident but they show the car and it was a total wreck. I feel sad for the only reason that she did not have to die.

The documentary is on HBO Max and it was interesting.

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