Black phone (2022)

Directed by Scott Derrickson

Starring Ethan Hawke, Madeleine McGraw, Mason Thames,

I wanted to see this movie. The cover alone had me both in fear of the movie yet intrigued by it. Now that it is available on Peacock I could not pass up the opportunity to see it.

The story is centered on a small town in 1978. The town has fallen victim to a serial kidnapper known as the Grabber. Finny and Gwen live with their abusive father and Gwen can dream of things that will happen. When Finny is abducted by the Grabber, Finny can talk to the other kids through a phone, and Gwen dreams and sings to find her brother.

The film has a good mix of horror, some supernatural elements, and suspense. The film kept me intrigued and the Grabber reminded me of Michael Myers and how he was scary just because of the mask. This is a well-written movie. It was very basic but at the end that made it scary. The Grabber was not a supernatural villain, but his mannerisms and the masks he used made him scary.

But the main reason the movie worked was the performances. Ethan Hawke was great, subtle, and even contained but effective in bringing a character you know is capable of horrible things and that made each scene he was in suspenseful. I liked that his motive was never explained in much detail, that way you had no idea what he would do. Mason was great as Finny and Madeleine were great as his sister Gwen.

I liked the film a lot, I had not seen a movie that had me tense in a while and this one kept me tense up until the ending.

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