League of their own (2022)Series

Created by Will Graham and Abbi Jacobson

Starring Abbi Jacobson, Chanté Adams, Roberta Colindrez, Kelly McCormack

I am a huge fan of the film. It was not perfect, but it had a story that was funny and had a lot of charm. The end of the film was a nice tribute to the women who played that year.

The series has the same premise in that the men are at war and Candy Bar company wants to sponsor a Women Baseball league. The girls have to fight to make the fans take them seriously.

As a fan of the film the series let me down completely. I understand as a series they had to expand the stories but it just ruined it for me. The main thing for me is that the show is not about the league is just about other issues. The film focused on just one relationship and that Was the relationship between the two sisters. Here it all about relationships and almost all the girls were gay. And I say this all sexual relations, this story for me should have been about baseball. The games did not matter because they were not made to matter. I don’t like when something feels forced and in this show every storyline felt forced.

The characters for me did not work. I thought the Maxine storyline of trying to get into a team grew boring because it just went on and on. I did not expect the characters to be the same as the movie, some had similar aspects to them, but for me they just did not work. Also, it just felt like the only story line they could write about was about the characters sexuality and hiding it. Again, I don’t mind that but it was too many characters going through the same thing. I think they should have maybe focused on Greta and Carson and the other characters have stories related to the league.

I read that many people have liked it and some have not. For me, it just felt that they used the League of their own concept to tell a specific story that had little to do with baseball or the league, at least that how it felt to me.

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