Prey (2022)

Directed by Dan Trachtenberg

Starring Amber Midthunder, Dakota Beavers, Stormee Keep

Like most movies when they are successful, Predator has had many sequels made. But for me, the first two films are the only ones I like of all the other films where the Predator is featured. Now when I saw the trailer for this new film, I was interested.

This time the Predator comes to earth in the 1700s to hunt. There he finds an Indian tribe and french travelers. Naru is a young Comanche woman who has many talents but she wants to prove she can hunt. She goes along with her brother to the woods to hunt a big killer thinking it was a bear, they would soon find the truth.

I was surprised by the movie. The first thing I liked is that they went another way. It felt different because the Predator fought as he hunted, in the other films he just killed and only fought the main hero in the story. Here he had various good fights and then the big fight with the protagonist. I found the film suspenseful even though because of past films some things were predictable. The story itself was ok, again, it worked because it was a different concept and a different period.

The Predator looked great and had some great moments. The main cast was good. Amber did a great job as the main character. But the main attraction is the Predator and I liked how he looked in the movie.

Not a perfect movie but as far as a sequel to the famous franchise I thought it was good. It is entertaining and has good action scenes.

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