DC League of Super-pets (2022)

Directed by Jared Stern

Starring Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Kate McKinnon, John Krasinski, Venessa Bayer, Diego Luna, and Keanu Reeves

I have to be honest, I had no plans of going to see the movie. But without planning I wanted to see a movie with my daughter and we went to see this movie since she told me she wanted to see it.

The story begins with Superman’s origin story with a new twist and that is that his dog enters the escape pod with Superman. Years later, Krypto and Clark are still together when Krypto starts getting jealous of Lois. At the same time, Luther finds a rock that is supposed to give him powers instead it gives it to animals. A guinea pig that used to live in Luther’s lab takes the rock she begins her plan to end Superman and the Justice League. Krypto and new friends must stop her.

More or less that is the story of the film. I have to start by saying that I found myself enjoying the movie. It felt like Shrek in the sense that there were some jokes only adults would catch, but plenty of fun for the kids. I found that it had a good story and the characters were enjoyable. The animation looked good and it had plenty of action sequences. The movie was fun and I liked that it did not take itself too seriously but yet still maintain his essence.

PI thought the casting was great. Both Hart and Johnson have great chemistry together and it worked again in this movie. Loved Keanu as Batman. The whole cast was very good.

Overall the movie was fun and can be enjoyed by the whole family.

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