The world to come (2020)

Directed by Mona Fastvold

Starring Katherine Waterston, Vanessa Kirby, Casey Affleck

I never heard of this movie but I decided to see it because of Vanessa Kirby. I enjoyed her performance in Pieces of a Woman. Also, Casey Affleck has done some great roles.

The story focuses on Abigail and Dyer. They are a married couple that keeps to themselves and works as farmers. They lost a daughter and that had a big effect on them. They lived together but stopped being intimate with each other in many ways. New neighbors move in and Abigail slowly forms a strong friendship with Tallie, also married to Finney, but not happy in the marriage also.

This is one of those films that have some good things but not enough. I felt the movie lacked something to make it more interesting because it felt tiresome at times. The movie itself is drama but the whole mood of the film is so down and slow that it made it hard to see until the end, because in a way you know what is gonna happen, maybe not the how or who, so in a way, the story needed something to keep you invested in the story. This movie felt like Brokeback Mountain, but in that movie, we see the intensity in what those characters felt and that gave more power to the story. In this movie we see the relationship between Abigail and Tillie develop like two best friends and it is at the end where see a glimpse of their passion and for me, that glimpse gave power to the ending.

The performances were very good. Casey Affleck’s performance felt similar to other roles. It is Vanessa and Katherine that shine in the movie. Vanessa gives a vulnerable performance as her character suffers a bit more. And Katherine is heartbreaking by the end. I enjoyed their performances.

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