American Masters: Mel Brooks: Make Noise (2014)

Directed by Robert Trachtenberg

A genre that lasted until the 2000s was the parody film. These films took blockbusters films and made fun of them by turning the characters to be silly characters and a silly plot. Think of the Scary Movie (not the two directed by the Wayans), Hot Shots, and Naked Gun among many films like that. I believe that started with Mel Brooks, with films like Blazing Saddles and Young Frankenstein he began taking famous movies and genres and turning them into comedies. I’m not saying he did them all, but I believe he opened a door for comedy in a silly way to describe it somehow.

American Masters is a PBS series that profiles artists. In this episode, they profiled Mel Brooks. I was intrigued to see it because I know some of his movies but have no idea about his life or even other films that I have not seen. With interviews with Mel Brooks and others, he has worked with we get a look at his long career.

I enjoyed the documentary mainly because Mel Brooks made every answer funny, I don’t he can answer in any other way. It was interesting to hear his take on his films. I did not know he was married to Anne Bancroft who was an actress, appearing in films like The Graduate. I think it would have been great as a longer documentary to go deeper into the films but still, it was interesting to see his work and hear from those he has worked with.

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