Wasp Network (2019)

Directed Olivier Assayas

Starring Edgar Ramirez, Gael Garcia Bernal, Penelope Cruz, Ana de Armas, Wagan Moura

I am not a big fan of political films but I can make exceptions if they are based on real events or people. I began to see this one because I liked the cast.

The story begins when René González steals a plane and leaves Cuba to go to Miami. There he starts to make a new life and then begins to work for organizations that were against Castro and wanted to force the downfall of communism and end Castro’s rule. He then meets several other pilots who are part of the mission. The movie is based on the story of the Cuban five. They were pilots who left Cuba to spy on organizations based in Miami that were doing acts of terrorism and wanted to bring down.

As a historical movie, it has its value and it was interesting to see the movie and know about these men and the events that happened. For me, it was not as good in terms of being a suspenseful political film. I felt the direction could have been better, I found it hard to keep up, and even when caught the movie does not make clear other than the notes at the end if indeed they were spies, I just thought it was a setup. It has some flaws but they do not make the film unwatchable.

The one thing that kept me glued to the movie was the performances. Edgar Ramirez who I know from the Versace mini-series was great in the movie and he was not alone. Penelope Cruz again gives a good performance, as did Gael Garcia Bernal. Wagan and Ana de Armas once again are together in a movie and they both are great, especially Wagna.

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