Deadpool (2016)

Directed by Tim Miller

Starting Ryan Reynolds, Morena Baccarin,

For no real reason, I have never been keen on seeing this movie. I know he is a Marvel character and that many people love the film, but still, I never got to see it until now.

Winston is a former special forces operative who now works as a mercenary. He meets Vanessa and gets engaged when he finds out he has terminal cancer. Approached by some people who said could cure him. Instead, he is experimented on and left disfigured like mutant seeking revenge.

I liked the movie but did not love it like a lot of people who long for the third film. I liked the irreverence of the movie and the character and how they parody the whole superhero genre. I thought the credits at the beginning were funny. The story for me was not that good, it was funny I will give it that, but it fell short for me.

Reynolds is perfect for such a character and he took advantage of it no doubt about it. I did not like Colossus that much, at least how he looked.

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