The Last movie stars (2022)

Directed by Ethan Hawke

I was so excited when I saw this documentary added on HBO Max. I am a big fan of Paul Newman but I knew little about him and his life. I was also attracted to the documentary because it also focused on Joanne Woodward who was his wife. I also found interesting that Ethan Hawke was directing the project, it provides an actor’s perspective that I think is just perfect for this film.

The backstory is that at one point Paul was writing a book. He then decided to stop and he burned the tapes of the interviews. But a transcript of the interviews made survived and where used to provide a guide to the story. But that is only one aspect because Ethan Hawke does his own interviews as they go deep into Paul and Joanne’s story.

The documentary is divided in 6 chapters. I have to say that I loved the documentary because it does what a typical documentary does in terms of going through telling the story of the person, but also through to new interviews it gives more information and more details. I loved the fact that they treated both equally and each episode explores both careers and beyond. We get to know them more as people as well as an actors.

I thought it was a great documentary and I liked the documentary. I learned a lot these two great actors and it touched on many subjects that allowed the audience to know them beyond the public image.

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