Directed by Andrew Levitas

Starring Johnny Depp, Hiroyuki Sanada, Minabi

I have not seen a new Depp movie in a while and it had nothing to do with his situation. The last movies he released did not catch my interest enough. This one I saw on Hulu and looked interesting.

The story follows W. Eugene Smith as he travels to Japan as a photographer to document how a chemical activity from a company named Chisso is responsible for people being poisoned by mercury and suffering Minamata disease.

Based on true events where a community was being affected by the pollution caused by a company named Chiso. I had no idea about this or the story of this photographer who captured the pain that the community was facing with his camera. I was very moved by the movie because of the subject manner and the suffering those people endured again at the hand of those who have money and power. The movie is a drama movie and it had few intense moments compared to other films of this kind, but I think it’s better that way because that means that not much is added for dramatic purposes.

The movie has interesting and moving story. Sadly, it’s not the first film where those in power refuse to acknowledge their wrongdoing and how if affects those who have little to survive. I liked the film. The film is carried by passionate performances by the cast. Depp gives a good performance as Eugene. I am a fan of Sanada since I saw him on The Last Samurai and here he delivers a passionate yet subtle performance.

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