Umma (2022)

Directed by Iris K Shim

Starring Sandra Oh, Dermot Mulroney, Fivel Stewart

Looking for something current I stumbled upon this 2022 movie that I remember seeing the trailer.

The story is about Amanda and Chris. Mother and daughter, live in a farmhouse without technology and work with bees selling honey. Amanda had a tough childhood and all her fears return as the remains of her mother are given to her.

I have to say I liked the movie. I think by making it short in running time the film gets to the point quickly because it does not need a long way into the main story which is Amanda being haunted by her mother. The movie is categorized as a horror film and I admit the last 30 minutes the images are scary. I was tense because I am affected easily by images. The rest of the film works mainly because of Sandra Oh’s performance. I felt it was an intriguing film as we learn of her past and thrilling and scary when she is haunted by her mother’s spirit.

Like I said. Sandra Oh gives a great performance and carries the film. And Alana Lee as Mother gave a chilling performance. It has a good cast, Mulroney, and Stewart also shine in the movie.

I thought that the movie was entertaining and at least in terms of being scary, well, it had me tense.

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