Persuasion (2022)

Directed by Carrie Cracknell

Starring Dakota Johnson, Cosmo Jarvis, Henry E. Grant

I have to say that I am becoming a Dakota Johnson fan after seeing some of her last films. I think she was great in The Lost Daughter, Cha Cha Real Smooth and that drove me to see her new film released on Netflix, Persuasion. It is a period film based on a Jane Austin novel.

The story focuses on Anne who is living with her father and sister and on the brink of losing everything. She then finds out that the man she was persuaded to leave is coming back. Still, in love with him, they both try to appear as if they no longer have feelings for each other while spending time together with a group of people.

I have seen different reviews and they have all been mostly bad. I guess my advantage is not knowing the source material, I never read the novel. I never understood being so angry at films that changed things from the novel, until Marvel films started to hit theaters and changed things from the comics I read. I have to say that those opinions are very valid, they must have their reasons. So maybe because I had no idea about the novel, I have to admit I liked the film a lot. I loved Anne as a character, she was strong, independent yet loving and sweet. The love story is not a new thing but I liked that there were no forced fights or drama, they were two people doing their best under a tough situation. I started to see the film and I wanted to stop and finish it later but I couldn’t because cared about the characters and wanted to see how they end up.

I loved Dakota Johnson’s performance in the film. I found it unique for the style of film to have her talk to the camera, I think it worked for the movie. the movie has a good cast and they all do good performances.

So, I think those who are fans of the novel are going to say I’m crazy and that the film is bad, others who do not read like me might like it I don’t know. I enjoyed the movie, not saying is a masterpiece, but a movie with a good story and good characters.

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