Freddy’s Dead: The final nightmare (1991)

Directed by Rachel Talalay

Starring Robert Englund, Liza Zane

It seemed like a good night for a classic horror movie. HBO max has all the Freddy films and I have seen a few of them. I had yet to see this one. I think this was the first Nightmare film I was allowed to see in the theater and it was great because the last minutes of the film were in 3d, not like today but still it was cool.

This time Freddy has killed all the children of Springwood and he uses the last one alive to reach his daughter because she is the key to taking him beyond Springwood. When the kid arrives at a shelter, he along with Maggie goes back to Springwood to find out more about him and his dreams.

I have to say by this movie the Nightmare series was more comedy than horror. We just went as an audience to see what creative ways would Freddy use to kill. In that sense this one is not the best, I think the coolest one was Spencer and the whole video game thing. But still, it’s a fun installment for the series, I liked the story and the fact that they showed in more detail Freddy’s past.

Robert Englund always shines as Freddy. It was great that he always did the character, I can’t imagine anyone else doing it. In a way, they kept their word because we saw Freddy gain in the film New Nightmare which was a different approach and story, and it was scary again. A true sequel and comeback came in Freddy vs Jason.

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