The girl in the picture (2022)

Directed by Skye Borgman

There are documentaries that you have to be ready for. The subject matter is so strong that if caught by surprise it can affect you, or at least I get affected by some documentaries and more so when I have no idea what I’m about to see. I have to say that this documentary left me in shock and sadness.

It is hard to give a synopsis because it is a complicated story. But the documentary looks to solve the mystery of Tanya who died from injuries supposedly done by a hit and run. She had a son that was kidnapped and that event caused an investigation that led to a lot of revelations.

I don’t want to give a lot away, but it is such an unbelievable story of a young woman who died so young, 20 years old, and lived her whole life captive by an evil man. The documentary gives a detailed account of this woman’s story. It is at least for me a shocking documentary because I had no idea the suffering this woman endured and the tragedy and that even though her friends she spoke beautifully about how she was. I knew that somehow a murder was involved but the level of evil of the man who took her is just unbelievable.

The documentary does a great job of telling her story through the people that were involved and knew her, and a daughter she gave up who found out about her mother. My heart was broken at the end and more each time they showed her pictures. I tied the title to a photo that led investigators to go deeper because they saw signs of abuse.

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