McCartney II (1980)

Produced by Paul McCartney

There is something is to be said about the McCartney albums. McCartney was Paul’s first solo album released in 1970 and 10 years later ironically when Wings was ending he once again recorded a sparse album at home. The main feeling behind these solo projects is that Paul is just having fun doing music and that comes across in both albums.

I have to say that for years I have not considered McCartney II a good album. Today I decided to listen to it from start to finish and I got to like it more than I did before. I still think is the weakest in the trilogy of McCartney albums, but still, it’s an interesting and entertaining album.

The album goes from proper to instrumentals to experimental tracks. I like the proper songs “Coming Up”, “On the way” and “One of these days”. “Temporary Secretary is a silly song yet so fun to hear, it has something about it that I just can’t skip. The “Summer day song” is a beautiful instrumental with a few lyrics.

To say that this is one of his best albums, well, no it would not accurate. But still, it is a good album worth listening to.

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