Elvis (2022)

Directed by Bahz Lurhmann

Starting Tom Hanks and Austin Butler

This is a movie I have been waiting to see since it was announced. First just by interest because I am an Elvis fan and then even more when I saw the trailer.

The movie tells the story of Col Parker and through his eyes, we see the life of Elvis. It covers every period of Elvis’s career.

I have to be honest, I have not felt like I felt as I saw this film, I could not stand and not because I could not feel my legs because the movie is long, but I was so touched by the story and the performance. The style of the movie was perfect, the pace and the way the story was told worked perfectly. I believe it was done just right in terms of being honest about Presley’s life without being disrespectful or making fun of him as other imitations have.

Elvis is a true music icon and this biopic felt just right. It is a film, not a documentary so there are things that changed in the timeline but still, it tells the essence of who Elvis was and who was Col. Parker. As a fan of Elvis, I was so moved at the end and felt sad because there was no need for him to die but those who had other interests did not look out for his health.

Austin Butler was amazing, he brought Elvis back to life. Elvis has a lot of imitators and has been done by other actors, but this is the definitive performance, he nailed every aspect of Elvis. He was so moving, he was passionate and he gave it all in his performance. Tom Hanks was also great as Col. Parker.

The movie for fans of Elvis is great as it recreates moments like the Comeback Special and others. I left the theater touched by the movie and be Elvis, a true talent who is still remembered today. We miss you, Elvis!

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